DotNetLib is a listview/treeview hybrid windows control for the .NET Framework

Main features


2007-10-24: released version alpha
Removed dependency from the c++ themes dll: its functionalities have been replaced by .net 2 VisualStyles support

2007-07-28: released version alpha
this is a bug fix and performance improvement release.
The goal is to make this lib as stable and usable as possible and change its status from 'alpha' to 'beta'.
Please note that the source release (and CVS) does not contain the key files for strong name signing. You'll have to create them in visual studio or with the sn.exe tool (sn -k DotNetLib.snk)


DotNetLib's original project scope was to create "a collection of classes, controls, add-ins, or anything else that will assist a .NET developer".
When development stopped prematurely into 2004, only an advanced listview/treeview hybrid control was created but it was still in alpha state (several bugs afflicted the lib making it quite unusable as it were).
Now, with the change of the project admin, the project scope has been resized to create only "an advanced listview/treeview hybrid control for .NET Windows Forms".


latest public version:

latest development version:

Projects using this library

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